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Annice Fisher, Ed.L.D.'17: Meet Ed.L.D Marshal Annice Fisher

May 31, 2017
Annice Fisher knows that when it comes to education, most parents want what’s best for their kids. She experienced it growing up after her mother moved their family from Englewood, a deeply troubled neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago, to the North Side so that Annice and her brother could go to better schools.

David Hay, Ed.L.D.'17: Meet Ed.L.D. Marshal David Hay

May 31, 2017
David Hay, Ed.L.D.’17, has come a long way from Antigo, Wisconsin, his hometown of 8,000 people from which he had to drive 40 miles to get to a mall. His new adopted city of New York, where he has taken a position as director of organizational effectiveness for the New York City Department of Education under Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña, is just a bit larger.

Paola Peacock Friedrich, Ed.L.D.'14: Harvard Alumni Association Elected Director

May 19, 2017

Paola Peacock Friedrich, Ed.L.D.'14 is one of six HAA Elected Directors. The Elected Directors were each elected for three-year terms. They were chosen from a slate of nine candidates, who were nominated by a Harvard Alumni Association committee as prescribed by the election rules. Harvard degree holders cast 28,541 ballots in the election.

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Christine Ortiz, Ed.L.D.'17 and the Equity Design Collaborative

April 14, 2017

Julie Freeland Fisher discusses the Equity Design Collaborative in her article Making Equity a First Principle of the Personalized-Learning Era on the 74 website. Christine Ortiz, Ed.L.D.'17 is part of a team that developed the EquityxDesign framework that "can help school designers (and redesigners) integrate equity as a first principle into blended and personalized learning efforts.